Karimnagar District Map

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                                      Boinpally Mandal Unit

Chandurthy Mandal Unit                            Chigurumamidi Mandal Unit             Choppadandi Mandal Unit

Dharmapuri Mandal Unit                             Dharmaram Mandal Unit                   Eligaid Mandal Unit

Elkathurthy Mandal Unit                         Gambhiraopet Mandal Unit               Gangadhara Mandal Unit

Gollapally Mandal Unit                               Husnabad Mandal Unit                         Huzurabad Mandal Unit

Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Unit                    Illanthakunta Mandal Unit                Jagitial Mandal Unit

Jammikunta Mandal Unit                            Julapally Mandal Unit                        Kalvasrirampur Mandal Unit

Kamalapur Mandal Unit                             Kamanpur Mandal Unit                          Kataram Mandal Unit

Kathalapur Mandal Unit                           Keshavapatnam Mandal Unit             Karimnagar Mandal Unit

Kodimial Mandal Unit                                   Koheda Mandal Unit                              Konaraopet Mandal Unit

Korutla Mandal Unit                                   Mahadevapur                 Mahamutharam Mandal Unit

Mallapur Mandal Unit                               Manakondur Mandal Unit                    Manthani Mandal Unit

Medipally Mandal Unit                               Metpally Mandal Unit                           Mustabad Mandal Unit

Mutharam (Manthini) Mandal Unit        Odela Mandal Unit                                 Peddapally Mandal Unit   

Pegadapally Mandal Unit                        Raikal Mandal Unit                                 Ramadugu Mandal Unit  

Ramagundam Mandal Unit                       Saidapur Mandal Unit                            Sarangapur Mandal Unit

Siricilla Mandal Unit                     Sulthanabad Mandal Unit        Thadicherla (Malharrao) Mandal Unit  

Thimmapur Mandal Unit                             Veenavanka Mandal Unit                        Velgatur Mandal Unit

Vemulawada Mandal Unit                      Yellareddypet Mandal Unit




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